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Easy to build a blockchain service through Xplorer

πŸ™Œ Welcome to Xplorer

Xplorer is a service that provides APIs for accessing blockchain data without the need to build and operate a node on a specific mainnet. Until now, utilizing major blockchain data required expensive costs to prepare and operate nodes. For example, building and managing an Ethereum mainnet node would cost approximately $45.6K for a year.

However, by using Xplorer, you can save resources on building and operating nodes yourself. Implement your desired services, such as wallets and NFT exchanges, using blockchain data through the APIs provided by Xplorer!



πŸ‘ Why Us?

  • Multiple Platforms at One Place
    We provide major platforms for the blockchain industry and support platforms in needs.

  • Free Service for Starters
    We offer unlimited RPC API access for starters who hesitate with an initial setup.

  • Consistent Monitoring and Quick Response
    We actively monitors functionality of nodes and responds quickly to any service error situations.

🌏 Platforms We Provide

We keep working on expanding required platforms.

PlatformProvided Network
BNB Smart ChainMainnet, Testnet
BitcoinMainnet, Testnet
EthereumMainnet, Goerli
KlaytnMainnet, Baobab
PolygonMainnet, Mumbai